Our Studio

Mud Makers Studio is an artist shared ceramic studio. We offer classes and events for all ages and skill levels to encourage the exploration hand-building with clay. We are making a welcoming community, by providing an open environment for learning and understanding.


What We Offer

Adult Hand-building Classes, one on one or group

Kid Classes and PA Day Programming

Special Events

Birthday Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Team Building

Family Sessions

Date Nights

Memberships (Shared/Dedicated Spaces)

Drop-In Day Passes

Kiln Firings (cone 6 clay) 


Adult Hand-building classes.

Small class sizes.

Ongoing enrolment.


Adult Hand-building classes.

Small class sizes.

Ongoing enrolment.


Adult Hand-building classes.

Small class sizes.

Ongoing enrolment.


Adult Hand-building classes.

Small class sizes.

Ongoing enrolment.


“Losing track of time never felt so good.”

Wendy  |  Co-Founder


A Place to Play with Clay

Wendy and I met in 2017 at a holiday market where I saw, loved, and bought a small hand-coiled ceramic vessel from her. A few months later, we rented space in a small basement studio in Toronto, paying too much rent for a space that was too small with a nightmarish landlord. Commiserating over furnace noises and spring flooding, we decided to create our own studio space to share with others.

In September 2018, we found a bright space with 20-ft ceilings and large windows in an industrial building with other small businesses. The Sterling Road neighbourhood has a burgeoning art scene with a community full of sweet folks. We took the leap, signed a lease, and hit the ground running!

A year later, we’re thankful to our friends and family for lending their cars, hands, and hearts for the support they’ve provided. We’re grateful for the opportunity to teach classes, make wall-hangings with tiny foot prints, host birthday parties to Kidz Bop soundtracks, and provide a place for talented local artists to feel excited and inspired to play with clay.





Amanda Wyman


Amanda Wyman is the owner and operator of Mud Makers Studio. She is an educator and artist with a background in fine arts and special education. She holds an Interdisciplinary BFA, B.Ed, Ontario Teacher Certificate, and has spent the last 4 years teaching visual and media arts in Toronto schools. She is passionate about sharing her love for ceramics by empowering neighbours to explore their own creativity.


Wendy Lisa Nichol

Co-FOUNDER/Studio Tech/Teacher/Artist

Wendy Lisa Nichol is Mud Makers Studio Technician. She received a BFA  in Drawing & Painting with a minor in Material Arts & Design from OCAD University. Through the process of coil-building sculptural vessels and forms, she has experimented with different methods of hand-building and surface design treatment. Recently, Wendy is focusing on developing her practice by engaging with Toronto community through workshops.